Virtual Navy Carrier Wing 9

Virtual Navy Carrier Wing 9

 Virtual Navy Flying for me is virtually done LOL ... however it is still in place...


I am now using FSEconomy and any members interested can let me know and we will go from there...I also will use VATSIM; thus the need for good flying ediquette...

The Virtual Naval Aviator Flight Training Website is at:

with the link to the VNATC forum there.

Additions to his homepage will appear below.

Dec 12, 2011: I was bogged down tonite with personal stuff BUT added this for our members - and its gonna be hot (!):


Dec 11, 2011: I added the VNATC forum (!); thought I already did that LOL. Updated the VNCVW9 forum. Did some FSX flying today! (Feb 2015) New members PLEASE join both forums and enter your membership information in the private forum area; MEMBERS WHO DO NOT DO SO AFTER ONE REQUEST WILL BE REMOVED! I intend to 'clean' up the forums of any potential spies HAHA! IE New pilots must enter their Vatsim ID and REAL NAMES to join.

Dec 10, 2011: (FEB 2015): Lots to sort out - Members can also sign up on the Member sign up at this home page entry but all members ALSO need to join the forums above; I dont know how the Member page entry is used here; to be safe do both for now til I get things sorted out. This homepage may not be here but I will work on that Member sign up later.

Ok the members list does not show; in fact I cant even find it yet lol I need to eat chow...just sign up here on the members site, then the forums as instructed - thanks!

Good Luck !